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The Black Cat with the Claws of Gold.

On 23, May 2020 | No Comments | In | By admin

The Black Cat with the Claws of Gold.

A Giallo screenplay.

Gruesome murders are happening all over the city with no apparent motive. Police investigations have drawn a blank and left a public fearful who demand action .

In addition to the bodies, all the killer leaves at the scene are a series of bizarre clues.

An actor witnesses one of the murders and becomes the chief suspect. Desperate the clear his name, the actor works with a blind student to uncover the truth behind the crimes.



By admin

On 20, May 2020 | In | By admin


These are clips from the short film, ‘Paranormal.’

It was part of a showreel piece after MD Muller graduated from film school. It was shot in natural light, with a single camera and with natural sound. The shoot lasted over 14 hours and involved a small dedicated cast. The final film ran to around 17 minutes and was nominated at the Barcelona International Film Festival of 2004.

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