The Chronicle of Flesh


Press Release

MD Muller releases his debut Horror novel: The Chronicle of Flesh

Worcester, United Kingdom – 13th September 2018

In collaboration with Malvern based publisher Keystone Literary, Worcester based author MD Muller has released his stunningly visceral debut Horror novel, The Chronicle of Flesh.

The Chronicle of Flesh is a lurid adult novel that deals with themes of lust and willpower. It takes the reader on a brutal, unforgiving but rewarding journey of Horror.

The story is told from the perspective of the main female protagonist, Clara. She is an author who is facing a crisis of confidence. Clara’s fruitless days are spent indulging in alcohol, and casual sex. However, Clara’s natural awkwardness makes this problematic.

A chance encounter with a homeless girl, Lucy leads to a wild night, and a turn of events that even Clara couldn’t predict.

Thanks to the mysterious demonic presence of Andras, Clara’s natural hedonism morphs into Andras’ murderous desire for flesh

As the situation escalates, the question of what becomes of Clara prickles at the mind.

Speaking about the novel, MD Muller said, “the basic concept was easy to come by, all writers have experienced writers block, but we don’t all deal with it thankfully in the same manner as Clara.”

MD Muller’s writing style is naturally gripping and has depth, “I study a lot of philosophy and I am interested in people. It is fascinating the depths people will plunge to in order to get what they want, we see in the book how Clara changes as a character. There is a passage in the novel which says, ‘Clara felt the urge to educate and thrill readers with her outlandish ideas. She wanted to show people that they were ultimately disgusting beneath the everyday conventions. An uncivilized time bomb that could easily explode once the mask of sanity had slipped, and rampant base desires took over. Love, hate, sex and death were not exclusive but laden with shades of grey.’ That’s me talking through Clara and it sums up the book perfectly. It is two sides of the same coin, yin yang, positive or negative. It is just perspective.”

With regard to the characters, the author commented, “I used a strong female bisexual character to try and escape some of the cliches. She doesn’t need rescuing or falls if she runs, Clara is tough but still feminine.”

The story also is a loose allegory for mental illness and how a singular narrow driven vision can either be liberating or lead to a very dark place.

MD Muller says that future plans are in place for a sequel. “There is going to be a follow on book that explores the characters in greater depth, but it will be a little less gory, and concentrate on inner horror as much as outer horror.”

The book is published by Keystone Literary and is available on amazon. MD Muller said that, “Keystone have been fabulous, I submitted the book on pure chance, and they ran with it. I couldn’t ask for a better publisher.”

Find the book here on amazon.