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Published Novel: The Man Who Knew Everything

By admin

On 01, Jan 2020 | In | By admin

Published Novel: The Man Who Knew Everything

“The words were in a language I did not know, a glossolalia that somehow merged with my consciousness, a forgotten dialect which enchanted and educated. As the voice flowed, I understood…”

In a post Brexit Britannia, one man’s struggle against the authoritarian rule of Conservative leader, Barrington Blair leads to revelation. Memory. The unlikely hero, Philip Anderson takes a journey through multiple realities as he slowly recalls his true nature.

A book that is part science fiction, part theological fantasy, The Man Who Knew Everything is the second novel by M.D. Muller. Influenced by the ideas of Terence McKenna, Alan Watts and Philip K Dick, it is as disorientating and cleansing as a psychedelic drug trip.

Available on Kindle now.