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Who Am I?

On 01, Jan 2020 | In | By admin

Who Am I?

Welcome, I am Matt, a filmmaker and author.

My journey began at school. I enjoyed English and found it suited me better than other subjects. Afterwards I studied at college and in particular broadened my education within media. After college, I worked full time within finance but ultimately felt this was not true to my creative values.

After a year, I left to study film at University.

University was a unique experience. Student life provided a way to explore both myself and my subject. The course was geared toward, ‘film as art.’ At the time, I struggled to grasp this, or at least I found, ‘art’ in my own way. Whilst the lecturers were looking for the next Lynne Ramsay, my approach was coming from my love of Horror. My ideas were not popular, but this is who I am. Horror is art, and this belief led me to the Italian Giallo sub-genre.

My dissertation was on the Italian director, Dario Argento and once I saw Tenebrae on TV, I was hooked. It was a shift away from the American eighties Horror that I watched as a child on well worn VHS rentals. Directors like Wes Craven and George A Romero let me cut my teeth on killers and zombies.

Post University, I used this inspiration to make my own short films, some of which were nominated at International Film Festivals.

Now, under the name MD Muller, I am an author and screenwriter.

My Horror literary style is reminiscent of Clive Barker as I admire his exploration of the taboo. Additionally I read Dennis Wheatley and his, ‘Black Magic’ series.

I have also ventured into Science Fiction following the inspiration of Philip K Dick, the, ‘spiritual entertainment’ of Alan Watts and psychedelic exploration of Terence McKenna with the novel, ‘The Man Who Knew Everything.’